Design 'A' Pave has been operating successfully in South Africa since 1988. It has taken a revolutionary process and turned it into a successful business model. Using the strength and durability of concrete and specialized colours and sealant, Design 'A' Pave delivers patterned paving solutions.

Building on the success of the Cape operation Design 'A' Pave is creating a unique business opportunity. By capturing the process and recipes into an Operations and Procedures manual, Design 'A' Pave can be parted into any environment allowing an entrepeneur the ability to run a profitable operation.

Design 'A' Pave has invested a lot of time in capturing all the important information surrounding their product formula by micro assessing each process step, Design 'A' Pave has created a business model that anyone can adopt.

As we have captured all the details of how to go about concrete paving we can now offer it as a package to the market place.

On offer is the opportunity to own your own Design 'A' Pave operation.

We will put together a package of information rich enough to allow you to operate in any chosen environment. The package includes:-

Operations and Procedures Manual
We will provide:-
Our skilled team of artisans will be made available for a weeks training inclusive of a start to finish hands on job experience.

Training and discussion will be provided by one of the leading artisans in concrete paving in South Africa.

For more information please contact us.

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